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Coronavirus COVID-19 and supply continuity statement


Biosynth Carbosynth has promptly reacted to the COVID-19 disruptions in January in China and has put measures in place that allowed running of key operations. While we experienced some degree of interruption in product supply, we have been able to maintain a stable supply of core products.


To date, we extended preventative measures to minimise the impact of COVID-19-related disruptions to all our global sites and our operations are running with no major disruptions.


Our sites are based on three continents with stocks located in Switzerland, UK, Slovakia, US and China. We have a stable network of suppliers that are being monitored closely and our production is running as usual.


To date, no major disruptions in supply of our core products are expected. 


We are monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely and will provide prompt updates shall there be any changes.

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