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Brexit Contingency


The UK’s exit from the European Union on October 31st 2019 is approaching and we have addressed the challenges and uncertainties that this event might bring. Although the details of the future trading environment remain unclear, we have put solutions in place to reduce the impact of Brexit on our business and the supply chain. 

Our objective is to continue to provide an excellent service to our customers even in the event of a “no deal” Brexit.  We have therefore enlarged our EU distribution hub Biosynth s.r.o. located in Bratislava, Slovakia, so that we can continue to stock and deliver our core products from an EU site.  

EU customers can still order from Biosynth Carbosynth without incurring any additional duty costs, and possible delays caused by new UK custom procedures are mitigated. In the event of a ‘no deal’ Brexit, EU customers will have the option to order directly from Biosynth s.r.o. using the details below: 

Biosynth s.r.o.
Nobelova 34
83605 Bratislava

We have also updated our commercial documentation and confirm that it will meet the requirements to ensure smooth customs clearance for any orders from the UK and thereby mitigate potential clearance delays.

In summary, our Brexit plans include:

  • EU hub – we enlarged our distribution hub in Slovakia so that the supply of our core products will be not affected by Brexit.
  • Suppliers - we have worked closely with our key suppliers to provide continuity with their contingency plans and ours.
  • Hauliers - we have ensured that our supply chain is robust enough to cover any potential delay.
  • Raw material contingency stocks - we have reviewed delivery times of key raw materials for products that are synthesised in the UK and have made provisions for increased levels of inventory at our UK site.
  • Chemical legislation - we have been monitoring for any potential regulatory changes and will take steps to ensure continuity of supply.

If you have any concerns about Brexit and how it might affect your business with us, please contact Dr Bruce Rogers, Head of Research Products on +44 1635 578444 or bruce.rogers@carbosynth.com. The customer service and sales teams are also available for clarifications via phone +44 1635 578444 or email customerservice@carbosynth.com and sales@carbosynth.com.

Biosynth Carbosynth will continue to offer its full product portfolio including carbohydrates, nucleosides and fine chemicals with the same quality, affordability and excellent customer service.  


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