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New Polysaccharide Handbook and Catalogue


Carbosynth has released a new handbook containing a comprehensive overview of over 200 polysaccharides and a section on analytical techniques used in glycochemistry.

Polysaccharides have a huge range of uses that exploit their unique functionalities across the food, pharmaceutical, and other industrial sectors. Carbosynth has assembled these products in a dedicated toolbox and catalogue to provide comprehensive support for your research, development and application requirements.

The handbook was prepared by Dr Chris Lawson, a polysaccharide specialist with over 50 years of experience in carbohydrate chemistry gained at Tate & Lyle, Dextra and Glycomix. 


News - Polysaccharide Handbook Chris Lawson

The author of the Polysaccharide handbook, Dr Chris Lawson.


The polysaccharide handbook contains all essential information that will help you chose the right product for your application. The contents include:

  • The classification of polysaccharides considering their natural origin
  • Functional properties of polysaccharides and their applications in the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and other industrial sectors 
  • Techniques and methods for polysaccharide isolation, purification, structural determination 
  • Examples of secondary and tertiary polysaccharide structures
  • Section on binary and ternary interactions between polysaccharides
  • Detailed review of polysaccharide products available at Carbosynth, including structural information, applications and compounds’ natural occurrence

Dr Lawson is pleased that the handbook was made freely available to all Carbosynth customers. He said: “As polysaccharides are purchased by our customers for a wide range of important applications, we wanted to create a handbook with easily accessible information on their key features, all in one place.  We hope that it will be helpful in this respect but have also included a reference section for specialists who wish to study the subject in more detail.


Download your copy of the Polysaccharide Toolbox or reserve a printed copy. 


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