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Upgrade to Controlled Drugs Licence


Following further accreditation from the UK Home Office, our controlled drugs licence has been upgraded to allow us to synthesise controlled drugs in the Biosynth Carbosynth laboratories in Compton, Berkshire, United Kingdom.

We are now able to possess, supply and manufacture controlled drugs from Schedule 1 through to Schedule 5.


News - Opium Poppy 2Papaver somniferum (opium poppy)


This licence is in addition to our separate Home Office Drug Precursor Licence which already allows us to possess and supply Category 1 and Category 2 drug precursors.

Taken together, we now hold all possible levels of controlled drugs licence from the Home Office. This licence allows us to supply, source  and manufacture any controlled substance of synthetic, semi-synthetic or natural origin.

Biosynth Carbosynth can supply controlled drugs and precursors on a milligram to kilogram scale. For any controlled drug inquiries, please contact Dr Ernie Boehm at ernie.boehm@carbosynth.com.

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