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Congratulations to our Prize Draw Winner


Jamie Davies, Professor of Experimental Anatomy at the University of Edinburgh, is the winner of our recent prize draw. Prof. Davies subscribed to our mailing list at the British Pharmacology Society’s annual Pharmacology meeting in December last year, and was pleased to hear this announcement earlier this year, who commented:

“I am a completely new customer of Carbosynth, having come across them for the first time at a conference trade stand, where a leaflet on Met inhibitors caught my eye. I left my contact details and a representative e-mailed very quickly to explain a whole range of inhibitors and provided information to help us choose what was most appropriate for our needs; it arrived mere days after we ordered it.

I was and am impressed - Carbosynth’s website is now firmly bookmarked in my browser, both on my desktop and the iPad, an iPad that came as a complete surprise as I had not even noticed that there was a prize draw associated with the trade stand.”


Why sign-up to Carbosynth’s mailing list?

At Carbosynth, product specialists and chemists take great efforts in keeping up with current literature and research trends, to ensure a continuous flow of new products on our shelves that will help advance biochemical and life science research. 

We therefore encourage our customers to sign-up to our mailing list, to receive regular updates. Our monthly newsletters inform subscribers of upcoming events, new products, news and product citations in high-impact, peer-reviewed journals. Additionally, we frequently hold prize draws to reward new subscribers.

How can you sign-up?

If you haven’t already signed-up to our mailing list and are interested in our products and services, please use the link below and enter your contact details and interests.


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