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At Carbosynth, we would like to keep our customers up to speed with upcoming new products, offers, exhibitions, citations and news. To ensure that we send information that relate to our customers’ interests, we encouraged current customers to be update their profile preferences. 

We’d like to help our customers get the right kind of information about our products that may be of their interests, depending on the types of compounds they use and/or the areas of research they work in. Although Carbosynth is a leading supplier of carbohydrates and nucleotides, our product ranges also include enzyme substrates, fine chemicals, antibiotics and natural products. These products are of high purity and provide reliable tools for research and analytical purposes, across several areas of interests. 

We'd like to thank everyone who updated their preferences, who were all entered for the prize draw. We are pleased to offer a brand new iPad to our winner – Dr J Cristobal Lopez, Instituto de Quimica Organica General.

Dr. Lopez said:

"Our experience with Carbosynth is very rewarding. Even though we had ordered some chemicals directly to Carbosynth, it was during a conference in Barcelona (EUROCARB2017, July 2017) that I had the occasion to talk with one of your staff members. After that, I was able to pass the name of your company as well as your catalogues (Monosaccharide Catalogue, Oligosaccharide Catalogue) to the person in charge of purchasing from our Research Center. I believe, purchase-orders to Carbosynth from our Research Center are currently increasing. For these reasons, I am happy to convey my satisfaction with this company and now I am even happier after winning the iPad."

Although the prize draw is now closed, it is still not too late to sign-up to our newsletters or update your current profile.

Categories of interests to choose from:

•Product Interests: Carbohydrates, Nucleosides, Enzyme Substrates & more.

•Target Interests: Enzymes, GPCRs, Ion Channels, Transporters & more.

•Research Interests: Cell Biology, Neuroscience, Immunology, Epigenetics & more.

These newsletters will also include top citations of the month on Carbosynth's products, upcoming exhibitions, news and promotional offers.

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