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New Divisions at Biosynth Carbosynth


Our goal is to provide exceptional products and services together with an excellent customer service.

While we have been improving the way we operate, we are keeping things simple for our customers and nothing is changing in terms of ordering or how you interact with us. However, we have made internal restructuring of the company and divided our team in two divisions to be able to offer a broader range of quality compounds and improve the customer experience.

Dr Urs Spitz, our CEO said: “We run two businesses in one company; these differ in many aspects but are still closely linked. Hence, we decided to create two divisions to serve our customers in the best possible way.”

The Pharmaceutical and Diagnostic Products Division has been set up to better manage custom high value projects and maintain long-term relationships with our clients from industry. Dr Vicky Gibson, Head of the Pharmaceutical and Diagnostic Products Division said: “The secret of our extremely successful project work lies in our internal know-how and process development skills. The reorganisation will enhance our product development and quality offering allowing access to a wider customer base.” 

The Research Products Division will focus on the transactional business and will manage the products sold at a fixed price with limited options for customisation. “Our products meet the high-quality requirements for the regulated industries, which also benefits our customers in small research laboratories. The new division will allow us to be more effective and to supply products more quickly” added Dr Bruce Rogers, Head of the Research Products Division. 

The table below shows more information on key features of the two divisions.



Pharmaceutical & Diagnostic Products


Research Products



Relationship business

Transactional business

Technical information

Detailed quality specifications maintained over time

Change control and quality agreements common

Pricing negotiated per customer

Quality specifications short and subject to change

Change control and quality agreements not possible

Standard pricing

Key features

Custom synthesis

Custom manufacturing


Customisation of pack size, packaging and other requirements

Extensive project support

Comprehensive quality control

150.000+ substances available

20.000+ products in stock

Global distribution

Stock located in the EU, UK, USA and China

Customisation of pack size only


ISO 9001:2015



Controlled substance regulations

Biohazards regulations

ISO 9001:2015

Key products

Pharmaceutical ingredients

Diagnostic reagents

Compounds for industrial chemistry

Biochemicals for life science research

Fine chemicals for organic synthesis

Novel probes for pharmacological targets

Original reagents introduced, based on review of scientific literature and customer feedback


If you require any further information, please get in touch with our Marketing team. 


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