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Monosaccharide Catalogue

  • Protected and functionalised monosaccharides.
  • Rare sugars: D- and L-forms of allose, altrose, arabinose, cellobiose and more.
  • Serve as building blocks for oligosaccharides, nucleosides and other sugar derivatives.

Oligosaccharide Catalogue

  • More than 500 oligosaccharides available, from di- to hepta-saccharides.
  • Includes chito, heparin, lacto, lewis, malto and sialyl type oligosaccharides.
  • Functionalised oligosaccharides also available for linkage with peptides, proteins and lipids.
  • Special interest in blood group sugars for development of blood filtration technology.

Polysaccharide Catalogue and Handbook

  • Polysaccharides from higher plants, animal tissues, lichens, algae and microorganisms.
  • Functionally modified polysaccharides: biotin, rhodamine and fluorescein conjugates and much more.
  • Formulated and artificial polysaccharides.
  • Contains a technical section on polysaccharide analytical methods and infomation on product properties.

Nucleoside Catalogue

  • The source for nucleosides, nucleotides and phosphoramidites.
  • Building blocks for use within pharmaceutical and biotechnology area.
  • Diverse functionality and protecting groups on a range of nucleosides.
  • A range of modified nucleosides to prepare oligonucleotides for antisense and drug discovery compounds.

Enzyme Substrate and Detergent Catalogue

  • Diagnostic tools for molecular biology, biochemistry and microbiology.
  • Bioluminescent, chromogenic and fluorogenic enzyme substrates for diagnostic staining and probing.
  • Enzyme substrates for culture media, diagnostics, food and environmental testing.
  • Detergents for lysing cells, solubilising membrane proteins and reducing non-specific binding in assays. 

Impurity and Metabolite Catalogue

  • Reference standards for your quality needs.
  • Collection of over 800 impurity reference standards derived from more than 300 APIs.
  • Range of synthetic impurity standards and known metabolites of APIs.
  • Resynthesised to the highest purity and supplied with comprehensive analytical data.

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