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Carbosynth products are widely used by scientific community and cited in peer-reviewed, high impact journals on a daily basis. We highlight 3 top publications every month but you can find a full list of papers citing our molecules here.

2018 Citations

O-glycosylation is crucial for exocrine and endocrine pancreatic function

T-synthase is a key enzyme for O-glycan synthesis and can be detected with fluorescent assay using 4MU-conjugated donor.

5α-reductase inhibitors ameliorate L-DOPA-induced dyskinesia

Finasteride and dutasteride reduced adverse effects of anti-parkinsonian therapy.

Neuroprotective effects of natural diterpenoids in cerebral amyloidosis models

Oridonin and forskolin reduced neuroinflammation and restored behavioural deficits in Alzheimer's disease model.


Synthesis of [18F]FAC using TMSOTf-assisted system

An alternative route of synthesis using FAC from Carbosynth (ND08343).

AZD 3965 prevents resistance to MET inhibitors

Inhibiting lactate importer MCT1 reverses lactate-induced resistance in cancer cells.

L-idose as a substrate for aldose reductase to identify differential inhibitors

Inhibitors that specifically target the polyol pathway are desirable, indicated by preferential reduction in L-idose (MI04205)


L-selectin controls HIV-1 adhesion and viral release from T cells

Viral envelope N-glycans interact with L-selectin on central memory T cells.

GM1 ganglioside-coated nanoparticles for cholera toxin neutralization

Bacterial toxin scavenging particles displaying GM1 ganglioside efficiently attenuate cholera toxin symptoms.

Thiamet G for the study of O-GlcNAc homeostasis in pancreatic cancer

O-GlcNAc cycling enzymes are mutually controlled at the transcriptional level.


Chemoenzymatic synthesis of sialylated lactuloses

Lactulose (OL03995) as substrate for synthesis of HMO-mimics via the one-pot two-enzyme system

GT1b oligosaccharide for determining structure of infectious BK polyomavirus

The structure of BKV in complex with GT1b (OO16323) will aid in developing new therapies.

SN 38 as diagnostic fluorophore and anti-cancer drug in solid tumors

SN 38 (FE29579) and biotin in a theranostic compound detects and treats hypoxic solid tumors.


Sialic acid catabolism drives intestinal inflammation

E. coli overgrowth depends on free sialidases secreted by other components of gut microbiome.

Brain-targeted therapy corrects MPS II

Iduronate-2-sulfatase delivery to brain corrects MPS II symptoms.

Next-generation sequencing library preparation from single-stranded DNA

Adapter is linked to the 3' end of ssDNA via click reaction and then converted into dsDNA.


MUNANA for fluorescence-based enzyme inhibition assay

The sensitivity of avian influenza A (H5N1) viruses, of clade 2.1, to NAIs was tested.

LacNAc is metabolized by L. casei

Transport and metabolism of LacNAC, from Carbosynth, by L. casei.

Inactivation of DNA repair mechanism impairs tumour growth

Temozolomide causes defects in DNA mismatch repair mechanism.


LacNAc for assessing intestinal crypt function

LacNAc capping causes hyperproliferation of stem cells in crypts.

BET family inhibitor JQ1 for studying protein homeostasis

JQ1 was used to investigate the role of BET-induced transcriptional regulation by BRD2,3,4 and BRDT.

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