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2018 Articles

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4th May 2018

We’ve recently asked our customers to update their interests, so that they only receive relevant e-mails from Carbosynth. We’d like to thank everyone for taking their time to provide us with this information. As promised, the prize draw took place and we’re happy to have one lucky winner of a brand new iPad!

Supporting Sport Relief 2018

23rd March 2018

Carbosynth team organised a charity event and raised money for vulnerable people worldwide. It involved a sporting event and a cake sale. Fun and delicious!

Carbosynth makes Substrate Agreement with Moscerdam

22nd January 2018

Carbosynth is pleased to announce an agreement with Moscerdam, for the continued supply of a range of enzyme substrates. This agreement includes the Moscerdam catalogue inventory and the extensive knowledge of lysosomal storage substrates that has been developed by Dr van Diggelen over the preceding 15 years.

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