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FLsharp™ - Phosphate, disodium salt

FLsharp™ - Phosphate, disodium salt is a fluorogenic water solublesubstrate for phosphatase enzymes. After cleavage of the substrate byphosphatase activity an insoluble product is formed that is highlyfluorescent in the solid state. Upon UV irradiation this very stablefluorophore emits green light in the 530 nm range for an extended periodof time.FLsharp™ - Phosphate is a unique substrate - optimized for the detectionof phosphatase activity in solid matrices such as agar media, tissuesections or microscopic preparations.FLsharp™ - Phosphate, disodium salt is used in microbiology as asubstrate for bacterial phosphatases. The substrate is suitable todetect the specific phosphatase activity of S. aureus or C. perfringensin food samples or clinical samples. Colonies growing on plating mediasupplemented with FLsharp™ emit green light upon UV light excitation(Excitation max: 365 nm; emission max: 530 nm). The enzyme productformed from FLsharp™ in agar plating media enables high precision forthe localization of the relevant colonies on the plate. As a resultsmall bacteria colonies of phosphatase-positive bacteria can be detectedalready after a short incubation time.In cytochemical and histochemical imaging FLsharp™ - Phosphate, disodiumsalt can be used as a substrate for Alkaline Phosphatase (AP)-coupledantibodies. The fluorophore that is released from FLsharp™ - Phosphateby phosphatase activity will precipitate. This insoluble fluorophoreenables a precise localization of the antibody-bound epitope in cells ortissues under a fluorescence microscope or fluorescence imaging system.The green fluorescence of FLsharp™ can be clearly differentiated fromautofluorescence or counterstainings such as (blue) DAPI or (red) Alexafluorophores.

Technical Data

CAS No: 146508-65-8
Synonyms: 6-Chloro-2-[5-chloro-2-(phosphonooxy)phenyl]-4(1H)-quinazolinone disodium salt
Product Code: C-3453
Chemical Formula: C14H7Cl2N2Na2O5P
Molecular Weight: 431.08




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6-Chloro-2-[5-chloro-2-(phosphonooxy)phenyl]-4(1H)-quinazolinone disodium salt
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