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AquaSpark™ Alkaline Phosphatase Substrate - 2 mM in DMSO, Patent pending

AquaSpark™ Alkaline Phosphatase Substrate is a chemiluminescent substrate for alkaline phosphatase (AP) detection in immunoassays, inparticular in ELISA. AquaSpark™ Alkaline Phosphatase Substrate is also a suitable substrate for protein (Western) blotting or nucleic acid blotting procedures using AP-conjugated antibodies. AquaSpark™ probes offer unique advantages as they can work as single agents, they have ahigher efficiency and sensitivity over currently existing probes. LICENSE AGREEMENT: Sale of this product is subject to the following license. BUYER is only granted a personal, non-transferable, non-exclusive license (without sublicensing rights) under any applicable BIOSYNTH AG and Ramot at Tel Aviv University Ltd. patent and trade marks to use this product solely for non-commercial research and develop mentor quality control testing purposes within BUYERS' premises. Purchase of this product does not convey a right to (i) incorporate or use the product or the trademarks in the manufacture of any commercial product,(ii) sell or otherwise transfer the product or the trademarks to any third party, or (iii) use the product or the trademarks to provide any commercial service. THE PRODUCT IS NOT FOR USE IN HUMANS. BUYER shall not use this product for any other purpose. BUYER is not licensed or authorized to involve any third party in the licensed use. BUYER shall not publish any information or seek patent protection including or based upon information derived from use of this product or the trademarks. Buyer acknowledges that purchase of this product constitutes acceptance of the terms of this license. Use of this product shall also constitute acceptance of the terms of this license.

Technical Data

Product Code: A-8164_P00
Chemical Formula: C21H24NaO9P
Molecular Weight: 474.38




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