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X-Shining™ Luciferase - 10 mg/mL aqueous solution with glycerol NEW

Recombinant luciferase optimized for increased stability


Biosynth Carbosynth’s modified thermostable X-Shining™ Luciferase is perfectly suitable for any luciferin-luciferase-based assay using D-luciferin (dLuc) or synthetic pro-luciferins (caged luciferins). Examples of its typical applications include ATP tests in hygiene monitoring, ATP tests in drug screenings and bacteria identification in microbial assays. Our luciferase has been optimised by genetic engineering for strongly increased thermostability and storage stability. X-Shining™ Luciferase is supplied as aqueous solution with glycerol, and it may be kept for months at room temperature without significant loss of function. In temperature stress tests, the enzyme survives temperatures of 60°C for over an hour, whereas a wild type luciferase from firefly is inactivated after only a few minutes. The extraordinary stability makes it user-friendly and eliminates some of the main disadvantages and limitations of the commonly used wild type luciferase.


PRODUCTS - X-Shining-BX174908



Technical Data

CAS No: 61970-00-1
Synonyms: Stabilized luciferase; Thermostable luciferase; Modified recombinant firefly luciferase
Product Code: BX174908
Chemical Formula:




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Products for Pharmaceutical and Diagnostic Industries

We also offer this substance for use in the chemical, diagnostic, pharmaceutical and related industries under the product code/s:

L-8093    CAS No: 61970-00-1    X-Shining™ Luciferase

Stabilized luciferase
Thermostable luciferase
Modified recombinant firefly luciferase
Chemical Formula:
Molecular Weight:
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