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Products in this range are described and grouped according to their pharmacological targets such as enzymes, 7-transmembrane (7-TM) receptors, nuclear receptors, transporters, ion channels and protein interactions. Use the buttons below to browse for your products under the appropriate category of target. Alternatively, you can also search by product name, product code and CAS number using the search bar above.

Code Cas No Product Description
BA166127 1384424-80-9

A 1070722

GSK-3α and GSK-3β inhibitor; reduces phosphorylation of Tau protein
BA166475 1668553-26-1

A 1210477

Inhibits anti-apoptotic protein MCL1; antineoplastic
FA17735 78957-85-4

A 3

Inhibitor of PKA kinase
BA166576 2089148-71-8

A 395

Inhibitor of polycomb protein EED
BA166476 1889279-16-6

A 485

Histone acetyltransferase inhibitor of p300/CBP; anti-proliferative
BA41291 1166227-08-2

A 66 NEW

Inhibitor of PI3K kinase; anti-cancer agent; arrhythmogenic
FA16147 844499-71-4

A 769662

Activates AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK)
BA162484 909910-43-6

A 83-01

Inhibitor of TGF-β type I receptor ALK5 kinase
FA64929 959122-11-3

A 922500

DGAT-1 enzyme antagonist
BA162794 1032229-33-6

A 939572

Inhibitor of stearoyl-CoA desaturase 1
BA166584 1037826-77-9

A 953227

Calpain antagonist
FA100934 934162-61-5

A 966492

Inhibitor of PARP enzyme
BA164085 1982372-88-2


Inhibitor of histone-lysine N-methyltransferase SUV420H1 and SUV420H2
BE166951 945828-50-2

AA 29504

Allosteric GABAA receptor modulator; anxiolytic
BF166977 1364933-62-9

5F-AB 001

Synthetic cannabinoid analog
BM166976 895155-25-6

AB 005

Synthetic cannabinoid
BA166577 1445993-26-9

ABBV 075

Inhibitor of BET bromodomain; antineoplastic
BA166477 2138861-99-9

ABBV 744

BET bromodomain inhibitor selective for BDII
FE103812 1231929-97-7


Inhibitor of cyclin-dependent kinases CDK4 and CDK6
FA159696 1231930-82-7

Abemaciclib mesylate

Inhibits cyclin-dependent kinase 4 and 6 (CDK4 and CDK6); antineoplastic
BA164060 154229-19-3


CYP17 enzyme inhibitor
BA164133 154229-18-2

Abiraterone acetate

CYP17 enzyme inhibitor

Abiraterone ethyl ether

CYP17 enzyme inhibitor
FM61417 22972-55-0


GPR55 agonist
FA166721 1310726-60-3

ABT 494

Inhibitor of Janus kinase JAK-1
FA16902 852808-04-9

ABT 737

Inhibitor of Bcl-2, Bcl-xl and Bcl-w pro-survival proteins
FF100506 154355-76-7

ABT 761

Inhibitor of 5-lipoxygenase
FA16904 447407-36-5

AC 42

Muscarinic (M1) receptor agonist
FA138815 1420477-60-6


Inhibitor of the Bruton tyrosine kinase
FA101029 870281-34-8


 Selective PI3Kδ inhibitor
BA164134 77337-73-6

Acamprosate calcium

GABA receptor agonist; threatment for alcohol dependence
BA17966 220556-69-4


Cannabinoid (CB1) receptor agonist
BA164135 89796-99-6


Cyclooxygenase inhibitor; NSAID
FA16912 53164-05-9


Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug
FA158666 59-53-0


Protective agent against mercuric chloride poisoning
BA166874 51037-30-0


Niacin receptor 1 (NIACR1) antagonist; lipid lowering
BA164136 55079-83-9


Retinoid;activates nuclear retinoid acid receptor; antineoplastic; anti-psoratic
FA31012 320345-99-1

Aclidinium bromide

Muscarinic antagonist; bronchodilator
BA17967 229021-64-1


CB1 cannabinoid receptor agonist
FA17211 18699-02-0


Inhibitor of IL-1 secretion; anti-inflammatory; immunomodulatory
BA164806 1316214-52-4

ACY 1215

Inhibitor of histone deacetylase 6
FI139131 331731-18-1


Monoclonal antibody against TNFα; therapy for rheumatoid arthritis
BA164138 106685-40-9


Agonist of retinoic acid receptors (RAR-β and RAR-γ); pro-apoptotic
BA164139 142340-99-6

Adefovir dipivoxil

Anti-viral; reverse transcriptase inhibitor
FA17224 791828-58-5


Dual inhibitor of ADAM10 and ADAM17 metalloproteases
FA103122 851881-60-2

ADX 47273

Positive allosteric modulator of mGlu5 receptors
BA166488 851881-59-9

(R)-ADX 47273

Inhibits metabotropic glutamate receptor (mGluR5)
FA17229 497839-62-0

AEE 788

Dual inhibitor of EGFR and VEGR receptor phosphorylation; anti-metastatic
BA165790 865305-30-2

AF 353

Antagonist of P2X3/P2X2/3 purinoreceptors
FA103643 439081-17-1


Dual EGFR/HER2 growth factor receptors antagonist. Less active enantiomer
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