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7-TM Receptors

Seven transmembrane (7-TM) receptors are the largest superfamily of cell surface receptors, also known as G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs). These receptors transduce signals from the extracellular domain to the intracellular cytosolic domain, via transmembrane domains. Based on sequence homology, 7-TM receptors are classed into 6 groups: Class A (rhodopsin-like), Class B (secretin receptor family), Class C (metabotropic glutamate), Class D (fungal mating pheromone receptors), Class E (cyclic AMP receptors) and Class F (frizzled/smoothened). A large proportion of commercially-available drugs target 7-TM receptors, of which a selection is offered by Carbosynth that are listed below.

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