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Code Cas No Product Description
BA166475 1668553-26-1

A 1210477

Inhibits anti-apoptotic protein MCL1; antineoplastic BIO-X
BA166576 2089148-71-8

A 395

Inhibitor of polycomb protein EED BIO-X
BA166577 1445993-26-9

ABBV 075

Inhibitor of BET bromodomain; antineoplastic BIO-X
BA166477 2138861-99-9

ABBV 744

BET bromodomain inhibitor selective for BDII BIO-X
FA16902 852808-04-9

ABT 737

Inhibitor of Bcl-2, Bcl-xl and Bcl-w pro-survival proteins BIO-X
FI139131 331731-18-1


Antibody Monoclonal antibody against TNFα; therapy for rheumatoid arthritis
BA165580 862111-32-8


Recombinant protein against VEGF(A); binds placental growth factor (PIGF)
BA165581 216503-57-0


Antibody Monoclonal antibody against CD52; treatment for multiple sclerosis; anti-cancer
AA17307 75747-14-7


Hsp90 inhibitor; anti-neoplastic antibiotic BIO-X
FC158737 1352066-68-2

AMG 232

Inhibits MDM2-p53 interaction BIO-X
BA172505 2252403-56-6

AMG 510

KRAS G12C inhibitor; racemate of AMG 510
BA172506 2296729-00-3

AMG 510 racemate

Racemic mixture of AMG 510
BA17365 64202-81-9


Inhibits chaperone protein Hsp90; antineoplastic BIO-X
BA166663 916151-99-0

APTO 253

Induces Kruppel like factor 4 (KLF4), inhibits MYC expression; anti-cancer agent BIO-X
FA159625 289893-27-2


Regulates expression of chaperonins Hsp70 and Hsp90 
FA30834 289893-25-0

(2R-)Arimoclomol NEW

Regulates expression of chaperonins Hsp70 and Hsp90  BIO-X
FA159626 289893-28-3

(2S)-Arimoclomol maleate

FA159627 289893-26-1

(2R)-Arimoclomol maleate

BA166845 1799328-86-1

ASTX 660

Antagonist of the inhibitor-of-apoptosis-proteins cIAP1/2 and XIAP BIO-X
BA165584 1380723-44-3


Antibody Monoclonal antibody against PDL-1; anti-cancer agent

Autogramin 2

Autophagy inhibitor that selectively targets the StART domain of GRAMD1A BIO-X
BA165583 1537032-82-8


Antibody Monoclonal antibody against PDL-1; targeted immunotherapy for cancer
FA137649 1124329-14-1

AZ 3146

Monopolar spindle 1 (MPS-1) antagonist BIO-X
FB15804 218600-53-4

Bardoxolone methyl

Activates nuclear factor erythroid 2–related factor 2 (Nrf2)
BB163665 2080306-23-4

BAY 299

Inhibitor of BRPF2 and TAF1 bromodomains BIO-X

BI 9321

Nuclear receptor binding SET domain (NSD) 3 antagonist; selectively binds PWWP1 BIO-X
FB139172 130493-03-7


Heat shock protein (HSP) co-inducer
BB161276 130641-38-2


Inhibitor of MCP-1 chemokine synthesis; indazolic derivative
FB18841 294891-81-9

BML 286

Inhibits dishevelled (Dvl)-PDZ domain interaction; affects Wnt signaling pathway


Antibody Antibody-drug conjugate targeting CD30; antineoplastic
BB161996 357336-20-0


Binds to synaptic vesicle protein SV2A; analog of levetiracetam; anti-epileptic BIO-X
BB170570 1619994-69-2


Broad spectrum bromodomain inhibitor BIO-X
BB168381 924537-98-4


Inhibitor of RET signalling; GFL mimetic BIO-X
BB170419 924811-53-0

BT 18

Agonist of receptor tyrosine kinase RetA BIO-X
BC165662 1197996-80-7

CBL 0137

Activator of p53; inhibitor of NF-κB BIO-X
BC167790 1177921-72-0

CBR 470-1

Activates NRF2 signalling BIO-X
FC76600 1443437-74-8

CCG 203971

Inhibits MRTF-SRF transcriptional pathway BIO-X
FC64971 620112-78-9

CCG 63802

Inhibits RGS proteins, selective for RGS4 BIO-X
FC64972 620113-73-7

CCG 63808

Reversible inhibitor of RGS proteins BIO-X
BC168608 1693731-40-6

CCT 251236

FC64978 205923-56-4

Cetuximab - Buffer solution

Antibody Monoclonal antibody against EGFR; treatment for colorectal cancer

CM 11

Modulator of VHL E3 ubiquitin ligase dimerization
FC20540 209810-38-8


Disrupts tubulin polymerization; destabilizes microtubules; treatment for gout
FC20545 117048-59-6

Combretastatin A4

Tubulin binding agent; targets tumour vasculature
FC20718 4449-51-8


Inhibitor of Smoothened receptor and Hedgehog signalling BIO-X
FC20757 83602-39-5

Cyclosporin H SALE

Formyl peptide receptor-1 (FPR-1) antagonist
FC11288 14930-96-2

Cytochalasin B

Blocker of the actin monomers to the actin filament BIO-X
FC29349 22144-77-0

Cytochalasin D

Inhibits actin polymerization BIO-X
BD165586 945721-28-8

Daratumumab - 20mg/ml in water

Antibody Monoclonal antibody against CD38; treatment for multiple myeloma
BD165585 615258-40-7


Antibody Monoclonal antibody against RANKL; anti-resorptive agent for osteoperosis treatment
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