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Bile Salts

Bile acids are steroid acids found in the bile of mammals and other vertebrates. They form a large family of molecules composed of a steroid structure with four rings, a five- or eight-carbon side-chain terminating in a carboxylic acid, and several hydroxyl groups, the number and orientation of which is different among the specific bile salts. Bile acids synthetized in the liver and are conjugated with taurine. Sodium and potassium salts of these conjugated bile acids are called bile salts.

Code Cas No Product Description
FA165485 105227-28-9

Alloursodeoxycholic Acid

FC09675 474-25-9

Chenodeoxycholic acid

FC09616 81-25-4

Cholic acid

FC58659 1448-36-8

Cholic acid methyl ester

FD11043 83-44-3

Deoxycholic acid

Secondary bile acid; emulsifying agent
FG16282 475-31-0

Glycocholic acid

FM25485 3245-38-3

Methyl desoxycholate

FT52402 81-24-3

Taurocholic acid

FT03670 14605-22-2

Tauroursodeoxycholic acid

FU09676 128-13-2

Ursodeoxycholic acid

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