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Moscerdam Substrates

Moscerdam Substrates has been the pioneer for novel substrates for lysosomal enzymes for the last 15 years. All Moscerdam substrates are of the highest chemical and biochemical purity and are assayed against fibroblasts from patients with the corresponding lysosomal storage disease in various diagnostic laboratories, with long standing expertise with lysosomal storage disorders.

Product list

Moscerdam CodeCarbosynth CodeDiseaseSubstrate
INCL EM06650 INCL; CLN1 4MU-6-thiopalmitoyl-beta-D-glucoside
KRB EH05989 Krabbe 6HMU-beta-D-galactoside
M3A EM06602 MPS III A 4MU-alpha-N-sulpho-D-glucosaminide
M3C EM31025 MPS III C 4MU-beta-D-glucosaminide
M4A EM05134 MPSIVA 4MU-beta-D-galactoside-6-sulphate
NPAB EH31028 Niemann-Pick A/B 6HMU-phosphorylcholine
ANAGA EM04782 Schindler 4MU-alpha-N-acetyl-D-galactosamide
HMU EH10520 6-HMU-standard 6-Hexadecanoylamino-4-methylumbelliferone
M2 EM03201 MPS II 4MU-alpha-L-iduronide-2-sulphate
M3D EM31027 MPS III D 4MU-alpha-N-acetyl-D-glucosaminide-6-sulphate

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