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We are passionate about reviewing the latest scientific literature and looking for novel molecules to put on our shelves. Our dedicated team of product specialists and chemists identify, synthesise and launch new products every month. We believe that our cutting-edge chemical probes will drive the discoveries across biomedical and chemistry research areas.

New products are listed on this page but can also be identified throughout the Carbosynth website by the symbol New icon. If you would like to be the first to hear about our new product launches, sign up to our monthly newsletter.

Code Cas No Product Description
BC161997 34233-69-7

Clozapine N-oxide dihydrochloride

Major metabolite of clozapine; GPCR DREADD ligand; water soluble BIO-X
BF161243 1358575-02-6


Agonist of GPR52 receptor, an orphan-A GPCR BIO-X
BU140504 546141-08-6

URB 597

Fatty acid amide hydrolase inhibitor; anti-inflammatory; anti-hypertensive BIO-X
FC139019 125941-87-9

SCH 23390 hydrochloride

D1 and D5 dopamine receptor antagonist; 5-HT1C/2C serotonin receptor agonist BIO-X
OD138793 58902-60-6


FX103433 90494-79-4

Xaliproden hydrochloride

Agonist of 5-HT1A serotonin receptors; neuroprotective; neurotrophic BIO-X
FB52768 359860-27-8


Nucleophilic biotinylation reagent
ND45968 318250-11-2

Denufosol tetrasodium

P2Y2 receptor agonist; studied in cystic fibrosis and retinal diseases
BC165637 383432-38-0

CP 724714

ErbB2 tyrosine kinase inhibitor BIO-X
BK43330 587871-26-9

KU 55933

Inhibitor of ATM and AKT kinases BIO-X
BS43265 104104-50-9

SR 95531 hydrobromide

GABA(A) receptor antagonist BIO-X
BA41291 1166227-08-2

A 66

Inhibitor of PI3K kinase; anti-cancer agent; arrhythmogenic BIO-X
BP34124 167869-21-8

PD 98059

MAP kinase kinase (MEK) inhibitor BIO-X
FA30834 289893-25-0


Regulates expression of chaperonins Hsp70 and Hsp90  BIO-X
NM30233 20859-00-1


Hypermodified nucleotide by CDK5RAP1; deficiency linked to mitochondrial disease
FV28720 139290-65-6

MDL 100907

Serotonin receptor 5-HT2A antagonist; anti-psychotic BIO-X
BA17338 183232-66-8

AM 251

CB1 cannabinoid receptor antagonist BIO-X
NC16650 124431-80-7

CGS 21680 HCl

A2 adenosine receptor agonist BIO-X
MM06671 50930-22-8

N-Acetyl-2-O-methyl-a-D-neuraminic acid

Neuraminic acid derivative; competes for binding to sialic acid ligands
MP05328 14937-32-7


Pro-apoptotic; anti-cancer; anti-inflammatory; antioxidant
MG01912 15839-70-0

GDP-L-fucose disodium salt

Substrate for fucosyltransferase
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