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Polysaccharides on Special Offer

Polysaccharides on sale are listed in the table below and are available whilst stocks last. If you would like to browse through our complete product listing, use the blue navigation bar at the top of the page.

Code Cas No Product Description
OA39737 9002-18-0



Amidated Pectin

Food additive; thermoreversible gelling agent

Arthrobacter viscosus exopolysaccharide

Anionic polysaccharide
YD44759 9004-54-0

Dextran 5 - MW 4,000 to 6,000

Branched glucan; extender in blood transfusions; anti-thrombotic
YF157138 9072-19-9

Fucoidan - Alaria

Anti-angiogenic; anti-tumoral; anti-coagulant
YG08091 39300-87-3

Galactan - from gum arabic

Linear galactose polymer; cell wall component in plants
YG162526 9005-79-2

Glycogen - from bovine liver

YG58642 9000-36-6

Gum karaya

Storage polysaccharide galactomannan; dietary fiber
YP58645 8063-16-9

Psyllium seed gum

Storage polysaccharide galactomannan; dietary fiber
YT58656 39300-88-4

Tara gum

Storage polysaccharide galactomannan; dietary fiber
YW32318 9005-25-8

Wheat starch

Two component polysaccharide mixture of amylose and amylopectin
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