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Carrageenan Oligosaccharides on Special Offer

Carrageenan Oligosaccharides on sale are listed in the table below and are available whilst stocks last. If you would like to browse through our complete product listing, use the blue navigation bar at the top of the page.

Code Cas No Product Description
OB31565 68733-37-9

Blood Group A trisaccharide-(CH2)8COOMe derivative

Blood group antigen derivative with spacer arm

Blood group B hexasaccharide type I

Gala1-3(Fuca1-2)Galb1-3GlcNAcb1-3Galb1-4Glc (B antigen hexasaccharide Type I)

Blood Group B trisaccharide-(CH2)5COOH derivative

Blood group antigen with spacer arm
OB31566 65606-80-6

Blood Group B trisaccharide-(CH2)8COOMe derivative

8-methoxycarbonyl ester of Gala1-3(Fuca1-2)Gal

Blood Group B trisaccharide butylamine formate salt

Blood group antigen derivative for biochemical research

Blood Group H type III trisaccharide-PAA-biotin

Blood group antigen conjugated to spacer and biotin
OL05746 186315-40-2

Lewis A trisaccharide methyl glycoside

OL04770 176106-81-3

Lewis X trisaccharide methyl glucoside

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